Fresh Freebin Art by Greer Linksvayer

You’ve spotted her in the woods, and heard her sing delicate whispers on freebin albums, but have you seen the masterful art of Greer Linksvayer?


FBR: Art is delighted to now be showcasing Greer’s art alongside the world’s most inspirational trendsetters here in the—in the freebin.


Wet color washes with photorealistic details. Nature studies with a mystical touch. Portraits that feel so real that you question the faces themselves. These are but a sampling of what Linksvayer will guide you through.


FBR: Art Crew Upgrade – Louie Izzo is an ever-expanding hub of incredible art. From the ancient masters to the young geniuses, freebin represents the eternal creative spark within everyone.


The freebin is always looking to level up, and the wizard of swag himself has joined the party. Just take a little step into the freebin, and enter the angelic dream lands envisioned by visionary artist, Louie Izzo.

Respect the journey, and envelope yourself in tranquil imagery that points towards the light.

FBR Art: Louie Izzo


Freebin Records’ Electronic CompElation

The sun may be out, but the air is crisp. And while all the other bears have been hibernating, Freebin Records has been corralling producers from around the world to co-create the most diverse and eclectic electronic music compilation album any beings have ever experienced.

Freebin Records’ CompElation is a heartfelt medley of modern computer music, but with a freebin twist. Normal rules don’t apply in the freebin. As long as it’s good vibes, anything flies.

 Photo by Jackson Isaacs Photography

So just relax, close your eyes, and dip back into the trust fall cause freebin gonna spot you. And we always got your back.

coming soon: FBR Electronic CompElation

New Art in the Freebin: Bryce Sillianoff

Freebin Records is bristling with much excitement to reveal to you the brand new, freshy dü:

Art by Bryce Sillianoff


Navigate and explore otherworldly abstract realms with next level visionary artist Bryce Sillianoff. Live long, grow old. Experience the joys and sorrows of existence.


Bryce has teemed with the Freebin as we propel into the unknown, spreading good vibes like peanut butter on bagels.


Hot new track! Sekaya – “Gateway Dub”

Are you having trouble navigating the twists and turns of a surreal chaotic dream realm? Gateway dub can show you the way. Let this be a window into the world of psychedelic music until you fall deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole.

Are you aching with the pressures of modern society? Gateway dub will massage the knots in your brain until the tension abates.

Freesides and Rarities now available online

Last July, Freebin Records’ debut LP “Volume Free” packed a whopping nineteen tracks. Later that summer, immediately following Volume Free’s release, a legendary EP was unveiled, featuring stellar B-Sides and VIP cuts from the Volume Free sessions, as well as brand new tunes.

The album begins with We All Got Our Thing. Using exclusive vocal samples from Volume Free’s “Live Direct“, this is a Freebin classic with a JamHop twist. Electronic Psychedelic Garage Dance Music, We All Got Our Thing speaks of the true potential within all of us. Just do your damn thing!

Hindu Kush features Yogi Didg’s infamous line “So you wanna be a Sacred G?”, as heard in Volume Free’s “Ginny Booch“. It starts off with live didgeridoo and throat singing performed by Yogi Didg, moving from Tribal Gangster Swamp Trap into a Sparkly Fractal Melodious Dreamland. Hindu Kush is an epic full of secret messages and hidden gems. From the Joshy Dü sample “Freebin Fresh”, to Sean “Big Shine” Lester’s “What’s Goin On?” This track will keep you on your toes, as the rest of you drifts into the æther.

And tying the whole thing together is “Lovesight“. While the first two songs were a continual build up of energy, Lovesight bring the vibes in. Prepare yourself to be wrapped in a blanket of unconditional acceptance. Roll the windows down and feel the feels. This is an all original Freebin Records staple.

Freesides & Rarities is now available for the first time since the original limited print run.

Get Freesides & Rarities on BandCamp now

Now Featuring, Freebin Records: ART

Announcing: FBR Visual Arts Division

Freebin Records is very excited to announce the unveiling of our much anticipated Visual Component, Freebin Records: ART. We have gathered artists from near to far, from here to there, to show you the endless possibilities of creative expression.


Us at Freebin Records feel these artists perfectly exhibit the uninhibited Freebin spirit when it comes to art. There is No Rules, every choice is correct, and freedom of expression takes precedence over social acceptance.


Stay up to date by checking out daily and following us on all the social media. We will be posting new art (and music! and freebin wisdom!) on a regular basis, and we hope to soon have an endless pool of inspiration lying in wait for unsuspecting visitors. You may think we already have a substantial amount of art, but you can look forward to an ever expanding and evolving network of artists.

Freebin Records is always looking for art of the freebinist degree. If you feel like you’re down with the freebin, send us a message with a link to your website and you too could contribute to the spreading of good vibes.

Freebin Records: Art

Featured Image:
“Treasure of the Forest” ~ Hilary Astrid

Revolution Music: a Modern Masterpiece

3 Song EP slated to release on Groundhog Day

Cuzzy Roland & Sekaya

Revolution Music
Freebin Records

It’s almost sacrilegious to split this opus into separate tracks. Revolution Music will take you on a ride through the ancient future. Seamlessly blending personable intimacy with the hivemind of social consciousness .

Revolution Music is produced by Sekaya, the mastermind behind countless Freebin hits. Reminiscent of nothing you’ve ever heard, Revolution Music is a climactic trifecta of interwoven visionary mediums. For the words, the music, and the ideas are one.

Cuzzy Roland sculpts sentences out of the music itself. Twisting your mind, body, and spirit with a face melting jiggle wiggle of pure freebin.

The vibes are unsurpassable in goodness. From crowd hyping anthems, to dirty dirty dance floor tracks, to smooth talkin’ ballads, Revolution Music will tickle your fancy and then some.

Cuzzy Roland & Sekaya
Revolution Music

February 2nd, 2017



I Knew Freebin Before it was Cool


It’s official! is coming at you live and direct.


Stay tuned as the site fills with content in the upcoming weeks. We will be sharing new music periodically and consistently throughout the year. Featuring Traptastic Jamhop releases from the “Freebin Records” Supergroup, as well as individual releases from a multitude of artists.



Freebin Records is working directly with today’s up-and-coming, next-level artists. We will be having exclusive unveilings of modern visionary masterpieces, as well as intimate featurettes showcasing what goes on behind the scenes, the wheel, and the minds of our favorite artists.