Alexa Spaddy

Alexa Spaddy


“Art is not just my discipline but it is who I am. It is my spiritual practice. Without love and imagination I am nothing. Every time I dive into the creative process, the artistic encounter is an unparalleled experience. Characterized by crisp design with a deep vibration of bold color, I seek to broaden the lens of perception in every work of art. I am humbled to be a servant to Divine Creativity. Painting with stokes of intention, I hope to enchant, inspire and uplift the collective world, triggering creative sparks along the way.”

Alexa Spaddy is a multifaceted creative expressionist. Born and raised in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, her artistic roots stem back to the very core of her existence. No matter what class she was in, art always found its way. Her teachers, Lori-Jean Wallace and Scott Graber saw great potential in her skills, providing her with artistic principles that are still used in her practice today.

Alexa graduated high school in 2012 and continued her education attending 4 years at Montclair State University. In May 2016, Alexa received a bachelors degree in Fine Arts: Printmaking Concentration, and minor in business. She has since moved to New York, working as a Media Technician & Graphic Designer at Alex & Allyson Grey’s CoSM: Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.

Though her degree is in the Printmaking discipline, Alexa works in a multiplicity of mediums including paint, graphic design, and paper making to name a few. Inspired by her visionary mentors Alex & Allyson Grey and the visionary art community, she has been dedicating her time to learn the language of paint. For the past two years she has been 1 of the 15 selected artists for CoSM’s Visionary Painting Intensive Masterclass, she was a featured Tribe 13 Live Painter at Luna Light Music and Arts Festival 2016, and has live painted at CoSM’s Full Moon Gatherings. Alexa also has work on display at The Nova Sanctuary in Long Island, New York.