Podcast Debut features Freebin

Check out debut episode of The Way In, a podcast hosted by visionary mystic, Marcy Currier.

“[Her] goal is to explore what it means to be an artist, what is means to live from your core, and the transformative experiences that prompt us to …[reject] the outside world of bullshit, boxes, and expectations, and say yes to our own selves.”

Freebin Records join Marcy to discuss what’s in the freebin? What is the freebin, and why is it a thing?

We hear from 3 co-founders of Freebin. (From left): Paul Lyons: Producer, Composer, and Master Pianist. Tyler Epps: Musician, Visionary, Dreamer. Sekaya: Executive Producer & Creative Director.

Listen to “Episode 1, What’s in the Freebin?” on Spreaker.

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

a freebin for your thoughts?