Weasel Beats now on FBR

Well well well, do we have a treat for you.

FBR has officially joined forces with Weasel Beats, creator of funky instrumental soulscapes.

Justin “Smurf” Farrar AKA Weasel Beats, is a electronic music producer with multi-instrumental repertoire. Scientifically arranged rhythmic patterns emulate a live drummer, setting the background for funky basslines and guitar riffs (all performed by Farrar). Justin is also an avid sample aficionado, collecting primo soundbites to garnish these melodic masterpieces.

Weasel Beats’ newest release, aptly named Beet Salad, is a lazy rollercoaster through the roots of chill beats. From the funky opener, Everybody Now, to the jazzy breakdown at the end of Cold Cuts, the reggae vibes of Anatta, Justin really taps into the freebin spirit and serves you a cool glass of distilled magic.


a freebin for your thoughts?