Brand New LP – Freebin: JAMHOP

Freebin just dropped it’s second full-length collaborative LP, JAMHOP. Experience a jam influenced hiphop sequel to last summer’s Volume Free, that will take the pants right off your face.

This jam-packed nugget of musical eclecticity creates a mood that will take you on a journey through the full spectrum of experience.

Driven by EDM influenced hiphop beats that make you wanna dance, coupled with communal freebin rhymes from positive visionaries perpetuating good vibes. Loaded with easter-egg sample gems that document freebin history in a subtle scavenger hunt that only endless listens can reveal.

If you would like have the full freebin experience, simultaneously supporting the proliferation of positive culture through music, consider getting your copy of JAMHOP today!

A rapidly dwindling quantity of JAMHOP CDs are available here. Each disc has a unique hand-drawn image by Sekaya, and is a numbered out of 43 total copies.

Play ’em in your car! Give them as gifts to strange relatives and childhood friends! Put them in your swiss bank account until they are priceless artifacts!

a freebin for your thoughts?