Freebin Friday: Fresh Art & Music

The world begins to bubble up with activity when the summer months approach. The freebin is no exception! We have a plethora of projects on the way.

Please enjoy a freshy tribal freebin dancefloor banger – “Rabbit Hole (ft. JustB3)” while you scroll.

Begin the journey, leap down the rabbit hole. Head on over to FBR:Art and give a warm welcome to Alexa Spaddy. Freebin is honored to join forces with Alexa. Formally trained as a master printmaker, Spaddy now executes epic paintings with the swish of a paintbrush.


Moving into the future, there is whispers of a new line of freebin swag in the works, a full-length jamhop album on the horizon, and live events dotting the coming seasons. Not to mention the constant influx of the freshest art and music from around the world.

Stay tuned, and Happy Freebin Friday!


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