The Coronation of King Chupa

Last weekend an epic conglomeration took place. Creatures of all kingdoms came together to celebrate the coronation of King Chupa, which preceded to propagate an all out freebin-frenzy. Faraway friends flocked to find one another at this festival full of freebin.

After the crowning ceremony, the crowds collected in the club. Chupamowgbra and Brendan Backus blasted off with the bass bumpin beats. Theatrical presentations and fire dancers dappled the evening.

Freebin maestro Sekaya then brought the heat with a mixture of dance-floor dominators, FBR classics, and a dozen unreleased freebin bangers.

All in all, a coronation well conducted.
From the crispy fresh tunes to the good good vibes, we’ll see you soon on the freebin ride.

a freebin for your thoughts?