Freesides and Rarities now available online

Last July, Freebin Records’ debut LP “Volume Free” packed a whopping nineteen tracks. Later that summer, immediately following Volume Free’s release, a legendary EP was unveiled, featuring stellar B-Sides and VIP cuts from the Volume Free sessions, as well as brand new tunes.

The album begins with We All Got Our Thing. Using exclusive vocal samples from Volume Free’s “Live Direct“, this is a Freebin classic with a JamHop twist. Electronic Psychedelic Garage Dance Music, We All Got Our Thing speaks of the true potential within all of us. Just do your damn thing!

Hindu Kush features Yogi Didg’s infamous line “So you wanna be a Sacred G?”, as heard in Volume Free’s “Ginny Booch“. It starts off with live didgeridoo and throat singing performed by Yogi Didg, moving from Tribal Gangster Swamp Trap into a Sparkly Fractal Melodious Dreamland. Hindu Kush is an epic full of secret messages and hidden gems. From the Joshy Dü sample “Freebin Fresh”, to Sean “Big Shine” Lester’s “What’s Goin On?” This track will keep you on your toes, as the rest of you drifts into the æther.

And tying the whole thing together is “Lovesight“. While the first two songs were a continual build up of energy, Lovesight bring the vibes in. Prepare yourself to be wrapped in a blanket of unconditional acceptance. Roll the windows down and feel the feels. This is an all original Freebin Records staple.

Freesides & Rarities is now available for the first time since the original limited print run.

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