Now Featuring, Freebin Records: ART

Announcing: FBR Visual Arts Division

Freebin Records is very excited to announce the unveiling of our much anticipated Visual Component, Freebin Records: ART. We have gathered artists from near to far, from here to there, to show you the endless possibilities of creative expression.


Us at Freebin Records feel these artists perfectly exhibit the uninhibited Freebin spirit when it comes to art. There is No Rules, every choice is correct, and freedom of expression takes precedence over social acceptance.


Stay up to date by checking out daily and following us on all the social media. We will be posting new art (and music! and freebin wisdom!) on a regular basis, and we hope to soon have an endless pool of inspiration lying in wait for unsuspecting visitors. You may think we already have a substantial amount of art, but you can look forward to an ever expanding and evolving network of artists.

Freebin Records is always looking for art of the freebinist degree. If you feel like you’re down with the freebin, send us a message with a link to your website and you too could contribute to the spreading of good vibes.

Freebin Records: Art

Featured Image:
“Treasure of the Forest” ~ Hilary Astrid

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