Revolution Music: a Modern Masterpiece

3 Song EP slated to release on Groundhog Day

Cuzzy Roland & Sekaya

Revolution Music
Freebin Records

It’s almost sacrilegious to split this opus into separate tracks. Revolution Music will take you on a ride through the ancient future. Seamlessly blending personable intimacy with the hivemind of social consciousness .

Revolution Music is produced by Sekaya, the mastermind behind countless Freebin hits. Reminiscent of nothing you’ve ever heard, Revolution Music is a climactic trifecta of interwoven visionary mediums. For the words, the music, and the ideas are one.

Cuzzy Roland sculpts sentences out of the music itself. Twisting your mind, body, and spirit with a face melting jiggle wiggle of pure freebin.

The vibes are unsurpassable in goodness. From crowd hyping anthems, to dirty dirty dance floor tracks, to smooth talkin’ ballads, Revolution Music will tickle your fancy and then some.

Cuzzy Roland & Sekaya
Revolution Music

February 2nd, 2017



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