Podcast Debut features Freebin

Check out debut episode of The Way In, a podcast hosted by visionary mystic, Marcy Currier.

“[Her] goal is to explore what it means to be an artist, what is means to live from your core, and the transformative experiences that prompt us to …[reject] the outside world of bullshit, boxes, and expectations, and say yes to our own selves.”

Freebin Records join Marcy to discuss what’s in the freebin? What is the freebin, and why is it a thing?

We hear from 3 co-founders of Freebin. (From left): Paul Lyons: Producer, Composer, and Master Pianist. Tyler Epps: Musician, Visionary, Dreamer. Sekaya: Executive Producer & Creative Director.

Listen to “Episode 1, What’s in the Freebin?” on Spreaker.

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

Human Shaped Animal Art Drop

Human Shaped Animal aka HSA aka Rachel aka Rachel Barnes has been just a whiddlin away at a whole mess of masterpieces. Here you see but four works of art, if you scoot on over to FBR:Art, you will find her full collection.

Left: Do I Exist?                                            Right: Lone Companions

Left: Rewind to Now                                                         Right: Shaping Sanctuary

Stay tuned for more surprises!

Weasel Beats now on FBR

Well well well, do we have a treat for you.

FBR has officially joined forces with Weasel Beats, creator of funky instrumental soulscapes.

Justin “Smurf” Farrar AKA Weasel Beats, is a electronic music producer with multi-instrumental repertoire. Scientifically arranged rhythmic patterns emulate a live drummer, setting the background for funky basslines and guitar riffs (all performed by Farrar). Justin is also an avid sample aficionado, collecting primo soundbites to garnish these melodic masterpieces.

Weasel Beats’ newest release, aptly named Beet Salad, is a lazy rollercoaster through the roots of chill beats. From the funky opener, Everybody Now, to the jazzy breakdown at the end of Cold Cuts, the reggae vibes of Anatta, Justin really taps into the freebin spirit and serves you a cool glass of distilled magic.


Brand New LP – Freebin: JAMHOP

Freebin just dropped it’s second full-length collaborative LP, JAMHOP. Experience a jam influenced hiphop sequel to last summer’s Volume Free, that will take the pants right off your face.

This jam-packed nugget of musical eclecticity creates a mood that will take you on a journey through the full spectrum of experience.

Driven by EDM influenced hiphop beats that make you wanna dance, coupled with communal freebin rhymes from positive visionaries perpetuating good vibes. Loaded with easter-egg sample gems that document freebin history in a subtle scavenger hunt that only endless listens can reveal.

If you would like have the full freebin experience, simultaneously supporting the proliferation of positive culture through music, consider getting your copy of JAMHOP today!


A rapidly dwindling quantity of JAMHOP CDs are available here. Each disc has a unique hand-drawn image by Sekaya, and is a numbered out of 43 total copies.

Play ’em in your car! Give them as gifts to strange relatives and childhood friends! Put them in your swiss bank account until they are priceless artifacts!

Live from the Studio, New Art Too!

Happy #FreebinFriday freebinite friends!

Last weekend Freebin Records’ Studio got to host a very special guest. All the way from Richmond, VA. Kyle “Yogamuffin” is a producer who creates melodic soundscapes with chunky lofi beats and an eclectic sample collection. He also graces his tracks with the occasional lyrical download.

Our studio crew captured a live performance by Yogamuffin while he was visiting. This 10-minute production will take you through a journey of Kyle’s original material. Featuring live sound manipulation and instrumentation, and even a heady rhyme drop.

We also got the chance to cut a collaborative track produced by Yogamuffin & Sekaya, with raps by Yogamuffin and Uncle Vernon. Be on the lookout for an upcoming release.

If you check out FBR: Art, we have revamped the interface to make it seamlessly enjoyable to navigate through our all original fine arts collection. To celebrate this exciting evolution we have a fresh influx of visionary art by freebin’s own, Jesse Berger.


If you dig the freebin, share the love with your friends and family!

Freebin Friday: Fresh Art & Music

The world begins to bubble up with activity when the summer months approach. The freebin is no exception! We have a plethora of projects on the way.

Please enjoy a freshy tribal freebin dancefloor banger – “Rabbit Hole (ft. JustB3)” while you scroll.

Begin the journey, leap down the rabbit hole. Head on over to FBR:Art and give a warm welcome to Alexa Spaddy. Freebin is honored to join forces with Alexa. Formally trained as a master printmaker, Spaddy now executes epic paintings with the swish of a paintbrush.


Moving into the future, there is whispers of a new line of freebin swag in the works, a full-length jamhop album on the horizon, and live events dotting the coming seasons. Not to mention the constant influx of the freshest art and music from around the world.

Stay tuned, and Happy Freebin Friday!


The Coronation of King Chupa

Last weekend an epic conglomeration took place. Creatures of all kingdoms came together to celebrate the coronation of King Chupa, which preceded to propagate an all out freebin-frenzy. Faraway friends flocked to find one another at this festival full of freebin.

After the crowning ceremony, the crowds collected in the club. Chupamowgbra and Brendan Backus blasted off with the bass bumpin beats. Theatrical presentations and fire dancers dappled the evening.

Freebin maestro Sekaya then brought the heat with a mixture of dance-floor dominators, FBR classics, and a dozen unreleased freebin bangers.

All in all, a coronation well conducted.
From the crispy fresh tunes to the good good vibes, we’ll see you soon on the freebin ride.

FBR: CompElation I – Electronica Bonanza

We are very excited to announce the official release of Freebin Records’ first of many compilation albums. On April 20th, 2017 FBR: CompElation will hit the digital streets and race it’s way into your heart. With all original tracks created by friends and artists from around the world, the eclecitity will keep your head spinning in the best of ways. This sample platter of electronic subgenres is blurring the lines between that which you recognize and the ineffable.

Top notch producers have bequeathed us with masterpieces so legendary, monuments have been carved into outer space itself.

Be you avid Freebinite, or merely passerby, FBR: CompElation will hold treasure to your liking.

This album of the season is an immediately refreshing classic that will dustlessly deteriorate on the dunes of your dashboard.